The One Minute Film & Video Festival: Social/Media

On March 31, Film Army was invited to the One Minute Film & Video Festival at the Toronto Underground Cinema. The festival consisted of 60 films, all one minute in length. 30 were older favourites wisely chosen by festival director Matt Brown and the other 30 were brand spanking new. These new shorts were created by filmmakers from Canada, US, Germany, Romania, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Japan, and Poland. The Polish filmmaker, Jakub Paczek, even flew down to the Great White North to attend the festival. Incredible!

The theme of the festival was “social/media”. The filmmakers were asked to take that theme and interpret it however they wanted. It seems like the theme screams topics involving social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) but it was surprising to see most filmmakers take that theme and go in another direction with it. When I started seeing more and more minute films that focused on large group activities, I was taken aback but willing to digest what the filmmakers conceived.

Some of them hit and some of them missed. Even though that may seem like a negative thing, these festivals are good to figure out where one can improve in their short film as well as what their narrative or technical strengths are. It’s also a chance to see the creative mind at work without any sort of censorship.

I provide two videos. The first video is footage I shot at the festival as well as some interviews I conducted with Matt Brown and festival juror Henry Wong. Both were great guys to talk to. Not only did they give a little bit of history about the festival itself, but they also offered advice to aspiring filmmakers and explained the importance of film festivals.

YouTube Preview Image

This next video is where I talk about the new films that were screened and the criticisms and the appreciations I found. As I state in the video, if I happen to not mention your film and you want some constructive criticism, want to know what your strengths were, or both, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to talk about your work with you.

Thanks to the staff and volunteers behind the festival for making this a memorable event and another big thanks for inviting Film Army. We can’t wait until the next one!

UPDATE 05/03/11

Hello there, Addison here. It’s been brought to my attention that in my post, I goofed on the explanation of the theme. I thought by having the themes “social” and “media” together meant that filmmakers either had to do a short on “social media” or have their short tackle “social” elements as well as “media” attributes. However, the theme “Social/Media” was, in fact, two separate themes which means filmmakers could do a short the revolved around the “social” theme or the “media” theme.

I apologize for this mistake and sorry to any filmmakers I may have offended. That aside, I hope everyone enjoyed the vlogs!

Take care.